To prevent abuse, our APIs are rate-limited. The specific limits depend on the API you are using and the plan you are on.

The limits applied to our API are shown in the table below. They are applied per API key and are reset every minute.

EndpointRate Limit
POST /api/v1/agents20 requests/min
PATCH /api/v1/agents/:agentId20 requests/min
GET /api/v1/agents/:agentId60 requests/min
GET /api/v1/agent-stats/:agentId60 requests/min

How are rate limits enforced?

Our API enforces rate limits to ensure fair usage and maintain system stability. The rate limits are calculated per minute, based on the total number of requests made within a 60-second window.

What happens when the rate limits are exceeded?

If you exceed your allotted rate limit, your subsequent requests will receive a 429 - Too Many Requests HTTP status code. This response indicates that the request quota for the current minute has been exceeded. You can resume sending requests after the minute has elapsed, at which point the rate limit counter resets.

Can I request higher rate limits?

Need higher call volumes? We can accommodate that! Rate limits are configurable on a per-client basis to accommodate varying needs. If you require higher limits, please contact us with details about your specific use case requirements., and we’ll work together to find the most suitable rate limit strategy.